First there was Donald Duck

Now there is a new duck on the scene – Googala Duck, who first appeared in a series of books about a duck who doesn’t want to fly South with his family and other ducks for the winter because he loves the pond so much. But he soon faces the cold and snow of winter, and he has to battle the elements and some dangerous predators. Plus he has to escape from being cooked for dinner by a hunter, and he finds that his friends, the otters, beavers, and muskrats, are busy preparing for winter and have no time to play with him now. Then, if he survives, he has to find his family again in the Spring.

The popularity of the series led to a song – The Ballad of Googala Duck, which is featured on YouTube:

And now the books have been turned into a series of five videos designed to introduce readers to the magic of the book series. The videos feature illustrations from the books as a narrator reads the text. The books in The Story of Googala Duck series include Saying Goodbye for the Winter, Getting Through the Winter, Encounter with a Hunter, Help from an Owl, and Spring in the Pond. The first video on the series is at

What’s next for Googala Duck? There are plans to continue the story with a series of adventures that begin when Googala returns to the pond in the spring. Some of the new books will feature the stories of other ducks in the family, as well as Googala Duck’s friends at the pond – Joey Otter, Billy Beaver, and Mr. Muskrat. A feature film is in the works, too.

The Story of Googala Duck is especially timely now that ducks will soon be flying north in the spring.

Besides writing about ducks, author John Pluff has been writing film scripts and is the owner of a successful building company, the American Building Group. The first script, The Dragon of Locke, is about two detectives who help to solve a case involving the theft of a sacred dragon from a Taoist monastery in China after it is shipped to Stockton, California, while they are trying to find the missing brother-in-law of a local businessman. The script has recently been entered in 35 international film festivals, and has received 27 awards so far, with another 3 decisions pending. Additional scripts based on the adventures of Dan and Winnie are in the works, too.

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John Pluff
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